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Concerts & Festivals
15 to 90 minutes

Venue and audience determines performance length and how large the troupe will be (solo to quintet or more). All members wear traditional costumes. The presentation consists of songs performed on taiko, related Japanese percussion instruments, bamboo flutes, and may include the koto (Japanese harp). There are introductions to songs with descriptions and histories, intermingled with Japanese cultural facts.  Traditional taiko is the main focus, but they also perform contemporary taiko and add a bit of traditional and swing jazz, too!

School Performances
45 minutes

A solo or duo performance presents Japanese culture — similarities and differences from other cultures — in both traditional and contemporary performance modes. The presentation incorporates a folktale (for elementary school audiences) with a variety of Japanese musical instruments, focusing mainly on taiko and related percussion instruments. Kids like our verbal audience participation related to Japanese words; rhythm call and response; and hands-on participation with the instruments. The traditional costume is worn and explained.
America is a country of cultural diversity. Music is part of every culture and its function in that culture is important. Much can be learned about the values and beliefs of a culture by experiencing its music and folklore. Through storytelling, taiko playing and movement, Toni honors her cultural roots by drawing from a traditional source, yet expressing herself as an American. By sharing her pride in her heritage, she encourages others to have pride in their own cultural background. “It is my hope and objective  to cross cultural boundaries by opening hearts and minds through the joy of music.”

Dinner Parties
15 minutes to 3 hours

Usually a duo performance, this presentation varies depending upon the venue and the needs of the presenter/host. Performances may include an opening of taiko followed by koto and bamboo flute as background music. Songs are a combination of traditional folksongs and contemporary pieces. Traditional costumes are worn.

Venue, participants and function determine the length and format of workshops. These may be held at schools for students, at functions for adults, or at festivals for all ages. These may be a one-time presentation or on-going workshops meeting once or twice a week for 4-6 weeks. Please advise us of your needs.