Yay, BIG MAHALO for my custom made taiko bag from Toni Yagami at “Taiko with Toni” for customizing the bag and another BIG MAHALO to my sis Lynn Uyeda with the idea and thank you both for my colors…beautiful!!

Karen Nakashima

Thank you for coming to our school and teaching us about the taiko drums


Thank you for performing for us!

Mrs. Sajji Sweeties Class

I like the sound!

Minna, 1st Grade

I like your drums and I like the sounds

Sophia, 1st Grade

Thank you, Toni!

The Students of Long View High School

Thank you for playing music. I like your drumming. How do you learn to play the drums? It must be fun to play the drums. My mom is from Nepal. It is pretty cool. I could feel the vibration from the drum.


Thanks for picking me as the volunteer. It was fun when I got up there to place. I like your drum beating a lot. Hope you can come again. I wanted to fall asleep when you played the soothing lullaby. The vibration felt weird and neat! You were the best! I really liked it. You rock!

Pixel Mikulich

Thank you for taking time to come to our Dawson Lower School so the children can experience the taiko Japanese drums!

Gayle Green and Everyone from Our School

Thank you very much! Thank you for playing for us the first graders. Thank you for letting us play the drums. You are fun and funny.

Mieko H. – 1st Grade